Vasudev Kapatral

The schema of paintings and the choice of colour palette recall ancient Indian mural tradition. The pictorial re-organization and the stylization of subtly distorted figures hint the age old scroll painting tradition. However, an innate visual language is duly developed in the lines of Modernism and the energetic treatment of toned down canvases are carefully nurtured by master craftsman Vasudev Kapatral. Thus, these paintings show a strong modernist sensibility even though the subject matter is derived from popular mythology. Vasudev Kapatral was one of the gifted painters of the region. His approach to painting figures has a distinct character when compared to the works of his contemporaries. Strongly inclined to native visual narratives, Kapatral made an effort to resolve the spacial arrangement amalgamating both Indian sensibilities and western techniques to achieve a sense of Indian Modernism. The stances of the mythical characters show his great understanding of classical traditions as he was nevertheless quite successful in putting together most of the ingredients of formalist ideals such as unity, vigour and harmony in pictorial organization.

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