Jagdish Mittal

Jagdish Mittal’s art is an outcome of his artistic fervour as he translates the chronicles of his life as an artist, connoisseur, critic and art collector. He wrote extensively on Indian miniature and Deccani folk art forms and preserved them in his private museum, which indirectly enthused many artists in and around Hyderabad. Mittal’s support to the field of visual art in Telangana region in general and his contribution to the field of folk art in particular is noteworthy. His constant engagement with art can be seen as an inspirational thrust in the development of Modern art and craft in the region. His predilection for depicting nature, culture and myth in an uncomplicated manner is apparent in his creations. The source of inspiration is none other than the native art and craft which he brings forth in his straightforward and beautiful artworks. In developing his visual idiom, Mittal drew a lot from his engagement with Indian art, literature and culture, where he tried to absorb the Indian thought and creative sensibilities dealing with varied themes. The bold rhythmic lines, energetic movement and beautifully drawn figures are the characteristic feature of the veteran artist critic.

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