Taher Ahmed

Taher Ahmed, a senior abstract artist, shows an emphasis on developing a painterly technique of his own adopting the non-representational genre that was followed by most of his contemporaries. His approach, in reaction to the stylized conformist method of paintings, is a deliberate one, which enabled him in developing a personalized visual idiom. Similar to the painterly automatism, Taher’s art is all about showing his emotional spontaneity whatever composition he chooses to paint. At times, the very emotional gestural expressions turn into myriad fragments of visual panorama colluding within the space. But, what interestingly comes out notably is his application, which does not neglect, nor even negate the accord of dominant hues which spread across the canvas silently conversing with each other. Thus, Taher’s vibrant visual-scapes create mysterious depths of aesthetics. The interplay of subdued geometrical shapes and strong contours conglomerate in building a pleasant but unknown pictorial representation. The tinted hues conceal and reveal the concrete forms; the crisscrossing divisions help in constructing striking view points as the bold and beautiful impasto renderings are predominated by a clever application of tonal values and movement.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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