K Gouri Shankar

A bold sculpturesque quality, heavy delineation and the naïve painterly application are few characteristic features of the paintings executed by K. Gouri Shankar. He paints simplified female bodies with the postures and gestures which create empathy. By and large his artworks evoke sensuality and aloofness. The anonymous female nudes that are depicted often in pensive mood occupy most of the pictorial space and the vibrant colours and flowing outlines of the forms create a movement. Further, the monochromatic delineation creates a visual deception resulting into a semi-abstraction with soft edged geometric shapes playing an inquisitive role that create an unusual balance and harmony. Gouri Shankar takes inspiration from Indian traditional art and temple sculpture. The visual idiom and the positioning of the bare stylized figures suggest some influence of Neo tantric paintings. What one notice in his paintings is the subtle abstraction of femininity and the simplification that artist ingeniously acquired through his renderings. The artist consciously brings forth the earthy raw feeling in paintings employing a monochromatic palette.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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