MA Karim

Karim’s art works display his strong expressive emotion in drawing, painting and printmaking. His penchant for depicting the beauty of old dwellings, rural scapes and gardens is evident in his art. Karim sought to express his powerful emotions in his artworks. He believes in bringing about the essence of rusticity and the grandeur of urban settings. Through these representations, Karim, a self taught artist, learnt art assisting and watching eminent artists. He explored various mediums and their sensibilities that he used in his beautiful etchings, paintings and pastel drawings. The artist shows a naïve quality in depicting human figures, which are often shown in latent mood. At times, the artworks appear as a symbolic representation of material world in which human beings make efforts to find a place for solace. The backyards, surrounded by architectonic structures are highly distorted for the purpose pictorial arrangements which show his expressionistic temperament. What makes him a potent artist is his use of heavy contours, the spontaneous treatment of his visual spaces without showing any interest in naturalistic technique and a peculiar representation of things what he perceives.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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