Varunika Saraf

A fine rendering of pictorial spaces, a conscious effort to bring in Indian sensibilities and the artistic vision in depicting the subject matter is what characterize Varunika Saraf’s exciting paintings. Her paintings predominately evoke a narrative construction that she consciously draws from Indian painting, whereby the artist brings forth an aspect of real and imaginative. Varunika creates an ambience of romantic, where her episodes talk about chaotic human life and nature, at times, even come up with a strong criticism as a sugar coated bitter pill reacting to the changing ecological order. Thus, she endeavors to recontexualize the very narrative mode employing a personalized visual idiom that she evolved over the years. The large canvas are treated with utmost delicacy as she works on rice paper and fabric and deliberately puts together curious elements appropriated from Persian and Indian miniature tradition. The delicacy further is apparently seen in paintings each part of the space. The abundance of foliage, thick woods and a camouflage of metaphoric imagery all come together as a perfect blend making her compositions more dramatic and mysterious.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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