D Doraiswamy

Doraiswamy may be located in the realm of representation of stark social realities. Through his illustrative paintings, one sees his personal dogma of self consciousness, from which various ambiguous meanings are generated. Nothing seems to concern him except the agony, melancholy and sufferings of the mundane world. His images are close to the expressionistic mode of treating his figures and the space around them, creating an illusion of movement and continuity, slightly evocative of German Expressionism. The apparent deformation is a deliberate attempt to break the notions of beauty and smooth brush work of plain naturalism in order to bring to the viewer’s attention, the excruciating pain and affliction borne by the human like forms in their day to day struggle for existence. His bold and dramatic depictions show his serious engagement with human predicaments and usage of art as a means to convey concern while attempting to bring about social change. With this contrivance, he celebrates the existence of the otherwise down trodden and disinherited lower strata of people who are often the victims of social injustices such as poverty and discrimination.

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