J Venkateshwarlu

The approach could either be representational or non-representational, J.Venkateshwarlu presumes, every expression has its own signification. Generally, artist tends to re-create the aesthetic beauty that he experiences. His recent paintings are the materialization of his aesthetic sense and of emotive tensions and creative energies. The search is to find out an expressive kind of "gestural image” depicted with immense freedom, but not entirely abstract. It essentially requires dexterity and an intense colour sense. His intention here is to translate the same energies and feelings that he experiences during the execution of the work of art. However, J.V makes a conscious attempt to capture the sense of nature, non representative, yet expressionistic in itself, amalgamating ‘impressions’ of the parts of natural beauty to create ambiguity. The formalistic disposition predictably brings about the aesthetic distinction inhibited in its hidden structure/signification, which can be termed as a voluntary mode of expressing his insights that he notices in the things around. J.V’s love for colour is obvious as the images that are created intuitively through layers and layers of rich glazes inspired by nature. He replicates the character of the object, not its naturalistic form. Like a ‘colourist’, he tries to utilize the depth of the colour by employing numerous layers of the different hues.

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