K Anjaiah

Anjaiah was one of the gifted modernist painters, who intended to recreate an ambience of vast geometric colour-fields infusing both his emotional and spiritual insights into his paintings. As an artist he painted what he perceived but with his own technique and temperament which was necessarily befitting to the ideals of the period. Apparently, the densely occupied multi-hued pictorial backdrops are treated with abstract imagery and the much acclaimed ‘impasto’ technique, eventually reveals his aspiration to achieve indigenous aspect of Modernism. What one can notice primarily is the artist’s constant engagement in exploring the finest qualities of representational abstraction and his sincere attempt to rediscover the unseen energies of the phenomenal world. Consequently, a sensible formulation of visual elements such as expression, abstraction and nativity is evident in Anjaiah’s enthralling paintings. The paintings contain a great deal of vigor and vitality as one witnesses his freedom of depicting the tangible forms in thick impasto. In this process, the skilful depictions become far more ‘representational’ than absolute abstractions and at times, the geometrical arrangements display his aesthetic ideals and unusual vibrancy.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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