Murali Trigulla

Murali Trigulla captures the fleeting moments of modernity while exhibiting interesting binaries of transient and phenomenal world. Mysterious aura of nature appears to be occuping most of his pictorial plain allocating very little space to the mundane things. Vast horizons, unlimited skies and tiny figures negotiate their space within the canvas as if they are independent entities. For Murali, the open sky and water look alike and mountains replicate the earthy plains. The artist perceives oneness in these elements and for him the negotiation is essential and significant to express his emotions. His juxtaposition of vintage objects, people and the effervescent landscapes has much to do with changing reality of the urban setup in general and his apprehension to the shifting taste of human beings. In this process, his subconscious artistic will seems to be leaning towards his bygone days and wanting to escape from the present uneasiness and to relive in his past. This nostalgic sensibility is apparently evident in the selection of minimal imagery vintage cars and motorcycles.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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