PS Chander Sheker

An artist sees beauty in the ugliest of things; the saying goes well for P. S. Chander Sheker, who created a genre of his own, a style moving between surrealist and fantastic portrayals of living beings. One can see a finer skillful craftsmanship in his pen and ink drawings. Chander Sheker’s name is often synonymous with the drawings of apes. The sketches of quasi-human like apes are potent with robust energy of youthful men and women usually engaged in sexual ratifications in a nocturnal ambience. His view of apes as human predecessors, strip the civilization of its mask by revealing the underlying desires and cravings. Sex and eroticism come as basic human nature through his anthropomorphic forms. His series of drawings called the ‘Temptations’ illuminate the passionate yet beastly acts of human beings. Some of his paintings seem to critique male dominance and power over the feminine. Talking about where he drew inspiration to make these animal-like creatures, Chander Sheker tells of his hunting sprees around his village as a young man. In those times, they would set out on expeditions into the jungle, hunt small animals and birds. Later as they would prepare them to be dried and cooked, he would make sketches of these dead animals hung on bonfires. He later uses these sketches to generate series of charcoal and ink drawings. His art works such as ‘Sex vulture style’, ‘Peep from the Balcony’ show explicit male desire and sexuality in all its primitiveness.

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