Shankar Pamarthy

Shankar Pamarthy, highly talented political caricaturist comes up with an innovative visual idiom which he developed over the years. The rhetorical imagery with a complex system of metaphoric visuals and words create a sense of symbolism and the highly distorted forms create a partial abstraction as well. Shankar’s caricaturesque ‘representative forms’ may be studied in terms of his artistic skills rather than the very nature of a cartoon figure. However, Caricature or visual parody has been viral on social media web pages and news magazines as an alternative aesthetics and now even a part of the public discourse in negotiating and producing territorial, linguistic, and cultural identity. For Shankar it may be a freedom of expression to represent his creative ideas through any kind of means of expression. The selected spoof imagery of eminent personality is only to show their pride entity and significance in our culture and society. Shankar clever play of the spoofing comes as natural as he depicts iconic forms with their identifiable accessories and their association with the field. A fine quality of colour pencil rendering, dexterously done fragmenting and mutilating but with accurate characteristic features, the physiognomies evidently show a faultless visualization of the gifted artist.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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