Archana Sonti

Working with vast negative spaces, if not minimal enigmatic realms, Archana creates theatricality persuading the viewer with her perceptive slumps in the canvas employing an entirely unpredictable schema. Yearning for a kind of emancipation and ecstasy is what is emblematically depicted here through flesh less living organisms, a world that she perceives. The paintings are not mere poetic renditions but explorations of unseen entities, where she depicts herself as a tiny stick figure wandering in the cosmos. The reference transits from one place to another, as a submissive element that is dreaded to confront the phenomenal world, thus searching for a safe haven. In this stint she tries to discover unanimous beauty of the ‘real’ and the ‘unknown’ that is however, associated with the realm of ethereal delusion. This delusion may turn into a transcendental vision of the metaphysical aspects of life that inquire the absolute truth. Her pictorial depictions reveal the reality of tangible world, where every aspect of feelings is a quest and bewilderment. The silhouetted landscapes are often rendered in subdued colours in order to recreate an unknown sphere which perplexes the viewer with its mystification. At times the sombre treatments and murky plains are the unexplored aesthetic terrains whereby she thrives to get salvation. A sort of rhapsody is harnessed by employing minimalistic mode.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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