Bairu Raghuram

Bairu Raghuram is an eminent artist of Hyderabad, who creates and recreates rural settings of Telangana with his mastery of drawings and etchings in cross hatching technique. His approach to the subject matter is very similar to his contemporaries but the technique is what makes him distinctive. Hence, irrefutably, his art can be located in the best of the genre, Telangana women. The stylized women with small hair-buns, armlets and anklets sitting in idyllic ambience or in a gossip are true representations of Telangana people. His careful observation of his surroundings endows his themes that are schematized to cater to his personalized style. His study of peculiar characteristics in birds, domestic animals, creeper entwined trees, ruined houses and streets with mud walls covered by country tiles aid him in creating an ethnic grandeur. Here, Bairu skillfully arrests the symptomatic narrations such as rural ‘women with a goat’ amidst dramatically deformed huts and houses or ‘shepherd in woods’ which demonstrate the deep observation of topography and a sense of territorial identity. Framing and forging the rustic beauty of Telangana, the artist creates a sense of mannerism, where slightly distorted images submerge in wavy lines and tones.

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