B Srinivas Reddy

B. Srinivas Reddy Heads of human like creatures sprout out of mounds similar to mushrooms, reminiscent of mythical figures, appear consistently in Srinivas Reddy’s work as a recurrent motif perhaps signifying the importance of the mind for knowledge and the face for an identity. His earlier works are figurative, quasi-fantastic imagery in pensive moods, often caught up in a world far beyond the mundane. One of his series of ‘Heads’ featured in a two person show, a few years back are a release from his earlier mythical forms to much more real world. He handles this transformation with an effortless panache. The heads seem to emerge out of their shells now, facing day to day life and questioning their own existence. Each one having a unique expression also has metaphors carved and textured onto their surfaces, evoking multiple meanings that engage the onlooker in deciphering these symbols. Besides sculpture, Reddy also tries his hand at making highly rendered pen drawings as well as beautiful paintings on canvas textured with multiple layers of color, where the figures appear in the most basic structure of human form, akin to primitive cave drawings. The figures engage in various activities and serve as chronicles of human life in all its glory.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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