Chandra (M Chandra Shekhar)

Known for his beautiful illustrations and drawings, Chandra is a versatile artist amongst his contemporaries. The strong lines with heavy distortion and the premeditated schema of voluptuous imagery are few identifiable artistic features of his art that he developed over the years. His semi-figurative paintings show astounding elements of desire, sexuality and ecstasy interpreting the darker side of human relationships and the unchanged basic human instincts. His painting series called ‘Behind the Wall’ is one such example where the unmodulated sensuous figures are shown engaged in a delusion of erotic play. The figures are nothing but highly stylized torsos and anonymous physiognomies which may be conceived as representations of pleasure seeking corporeal bodies. The artist’s objective here is to portray both ecstatic moments and the inevitable pleasure and pain of people who often indulged in behind the wall actions. He makes a conspicuous attempt to capture a sense of non representative visual space yet expressionistic in itself. The formalistic disposition evokes an aesthetic characteristic through these veiled significations which can be read as a voluntary mode of expressing his sumptuous insights of voyeurism.

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