Chiluveru Manohar

The art of Chiluveru Manohar comprises of sculpture, painting and installations, which reflect his psyche as an individualist within the mundane world. The first and foremost striking aspect of his thoughtful depictions is a critique of the very mundane ‘subjects’ through the visual means. Not limiting to a definite contrivance, his art works manifest contradictions of life and varied epistemological concerns while indulging in inevitable social activities. Hence, he deals with the dichotomies of ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ that instantaneously raise several questions of human existence and the ontological correlation with the phenomenal world. The question of ‘self’ is predominant in his art, in general, and the process is considered very particular and significant while executing any of the art forms. On one hand, the freestanding sculptures, often lost in thought, evidently show freedom in his approach negotiating with mediums, on the other hand the imaginative space that is congregated with metaphors clearly express his aloofness with the materialistic desires. With vitality and movement as the chief characteristics of his art works, he shifts from one medium to another with spontaneity, without losing the core of his insight. His sculptural installations and paintings advocate for space and its reorganization in search of new horizons and aesthetics. However, both mediums are the means to invest his artistic zeal and to create meaningful art. It is through his paintings, in which the artist endeavours to reinvent himself using utmost expressionistic visual mode.

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