DLN Reddy

D. L. N Reddy’s compositions often show myriad strokes of subdued hues tinkering with the ‘real’ in order to attain mysterious forms. The critical engagement with forms spawns a sublime sense generating ambiguous meanings. Undoubtedly, his versatile character makes him a distinct artist in his long artistic career as he works with variety of mediums including printmaking, painting and sculpture. Reddy’s paintings and etchings resonate a sort of sensuousness as the expressionistic figures mostly women sitting, reclining and staring at the onlooker reverberate the eccentric mood merging in and negotiating with space and volume. He produces a kind of sensuality, where his nudes demonstrate fetish raw physicality as if they are carved out of the canvas. The bifurcated cubistic faces and a strong delineation become his signature style. With limited lines and means, he manages to create effects and moods of the environment rather than generating infinite meanings. The nude and its signification is associated with primal emotion, where Reddy strives to essentialise the forms rejecting the classical notion in order to get the inner reality through these bifurcations and facial expressions. His engagement with different mediums has facilitated him in producing a repertoire of varied visual expressions.

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