Gone Lingaraju

The paintings of Gone Lingaraju are the repertoires of oppressed people of Telangana. His apprehension about the region is elaborately elucidated in drawings and lithographs. The art works appear as montages of news articles which express wide variety of issues pertaining to the demoralized province. He translates revolutionary poems into visuals, which evoke a sense of romanticism. At times the paintings and drawings are derived unswervingly from historic photographs in order to show the realism. Lingaraju’s longing for representation of chaos, of far removed villages of his region, in general and his native in particular is so evident in his drawings and lithographic prints. Some of the paintings are dealt with deplorable conditions in the region. Basic issues such as contaminated drinking water, farmers’ suicides, arms struggle movement etc, are the other aspects of his art works. He strategically juxtaposes news headlines as desirable forms generating ambiguous meanings. Sometimes, he disfigures the sensational visuals to mere artistic forms to gratify his composition, where by capturing genuine emotions of the people working and reworking with thin layers of translucent hues.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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