L Saraswathi

Saraswathi Lingampalli’s fine-looking compositions narrate the nuances of religious rituals which are part and parcel of traditional hindu women’s life, particularly after the marriage. Ever since she was fascinated with mythological characters and decorative art she adopted the sensibilities visualizing her own narratives. Be it the Ganesha, or the Govardhanadhari or the nature, which is conceived as the backdrop for these images show omnipresence of the protagonists. With broad eyes, the profile heads are shown tilted in typical stylizations of her paintings. Though lyrical, the elongation and the scintillating flesh tones seem to be suggestive of spirituality and divinity. The plethora of images on each leaf of the tree in the back ground is painstakingly executed with great adroitness. Though her art has originated from the traditional and kitsch, she methodically depicts the symptomatic narrations utilizing the space and form in an insightful manner. Apart from mythical representations, Saraswathi also paints beautiful Telangana rural women, often coupled with hens, goats and sheep in their decorative attires. Exploiting the feasibilities of pen and acrylic medium she creates a kind of ornamental patterns running all over the canvas.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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