Laxmi Reddy

Laxmi Reddy’s objects conglomerate to create a naïve aesthetic pleasure for the viewers. What makes her art captivating is the Cezannesque tendency to bring out a design, a concrete essence in her forms. Right from her childhood, for Reddy, painting still –life has always been a muse to be explored. Perhaps, her artistic sensibilities and her experiential contentment of pictorial composition are the core of her art works. Initially, what one notices in her still-lives is the palpable delight she attains in the sheer joy of blending raw forms and subdued colours, and her aptitude to employ the muted hues, which often express a tranquility slipping into a morbid catharsis. It appears that the fundamental aspect of painting is what Reddy may never let go off, while creating her imaginary pictorial spaces.

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