M Krishna Reddy

Blooming sunflowers occupy the space and lofty minars encroach the canvas revealing beauty and splendor of the artistic insights. As a proud inhabitant of rich cultural city, Krishna Reddy portrays the culture and heritage of Hyderabad. Although, his paintings and etchings share dissimilar subject matter, the young artist’s penchant for depicting the beauty, harmony and past glory of ‘Bhagnagar’ (Hyderbad) is predominantly evident in his recent series of paintings. However, the earlier art works that were created using printmaking as his chief medium, are metaphoric representations of beautiful nature and sexuality. There is a clear hint of eroticism as he juxtaposes feminine nature along with phallic imagery. Trained under Laxma Goud, Reddy learnt all the nuances of printmaking, where he developed a fine quality of image making and solid intaglio technique. Later, the artist focused on the bygone days of Hyderabad and its architectural beauty and culture. What is intriguing about his work is the unity and solidarity among different religions and sects. The present series of monochromatic paintings emblematically show the architectonic splendor of the metropolis and its changing paradigms within the context of modernity. As an artist, he perceives the monumental buildings as an identity of the place where he belongs to, and captures the aesthetic sense by transforming it into his visual language.

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