Md Osman Siddiqui

Osman Siddiqui is a prominent sculptor belonging to Hyderabad who set new trends. He was a highly regarded art teacher who worked in various mediums such as clay, wood, metal and inspired the first generation of artists to pursue sculpture as their chief medium of work. Siddiqui took to three dimensional art form of clay modeling rather than two dimensional drawing and painting due to its tactile quality and appeal for common people. He not only created for the people but also of the people. The people of the soil were the themes he chose to be depicted and immortalized in his stone and metal sculptures. Humanism abounds largely as his musings lie in the layman, the daily labourer, the villagers etc. Competent in both stone as well as wood, he arduously sculpts out human forms not in a naturalistic fashion but in simplified geometric forms that speak a language of their own. The titles of his relief sculpturse such as ‘From the Fields’, ‘Going to market ’etc exemplify his candid and forthright inspirations that he obtained from people around him. Unsatisfied with stereotyped academic styles, he searched for his visual vocabulary from world art of PreColumbia and Mexico from where he took inspiration for his metal plaques with relief sculptural forms. Though taken from these sources, he completely transformed them into his personal idiom with sensibilities that gratify the local taste.

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