Narahari Bhawandla

Narahari captures the symptomatic narration, where men and women are engaged in a constant dialogue. In his earlier drawings in ink and pencil, the dark voluminous physiognomies similar to caricatures, faintly distorted are treated with abundant decoration against the bare background. Whereas the later style is more refined as he uses vivid colours and beautiful images of flora and fauna. The overtly embellished canvases show his craftsmanship, where a sense of kitsch is manifested. However, his art is characterized by the essential features of Telangana genre, and the inevitable kitsch turned out to be an identity of his artistic style. Apparently, his couple series and women with parrots in acrylic medium can be regarded as his mature style, where he arduously deals with the detailing. The source for his pictorial spaces obviously comes from the existing artistic tradition but the immense ornamentation on costumes and the exaggerated use of jewellery for his women can be seen as Narahari’s conscious effort in epitomizing the women. The artist deliberately paints the patterns and designs of the sarees and jewellery, prevalent in his native village with immense dexterity. The women are vigorous, if not voluptuous, showing masculinity and strength.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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