PT Reddy

P.T. Reddy (Pakala Thirumal Reddy) in his formative period largely engaged with realism, by 1930’s he found his own personalized mode of painting exploring several kinds of art practices. He drew a lot from classical Indian thought and Post Impressionist art and created innumerable drawings, paintings and sculptures defining his own iconographic imagery. Reddy’s alluring sculptures show a mature style imbibing Indian spirituality. His versatile character is evident in all mediums as he did not hesitate to appropriate styles ranging from primitive to Western Modernism. Thus, his effort has resulted in a heterogenic style comprising of Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract and Tantric art. In 40’s, the subject matters were indisputably Indian, yet depicted in a variety of modern European styles but soon after independence in 1947, he began relooking at Indian artistic traditions for new source knowledge reacting to norms of hegemonic Western Modernism. Apparently, for many Indian artists, Tantric imagery was a bypass to Modernism. Thus Reddy drew inspirations from Buddhist and Hindu Tantric esoteric symbols used by artists such as Biren De (b. 1926) and G. R. Santosh (1929-1997), exploring new modes of Tantric art revealing Indian Modernism. Though his art echoed religiosity in terms of formalism in search of ‘Indian Modernism’, he faithfully threw some light on social issues and secular themes too.

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