Ramana Reddy

Hoping to utilize art as a powerful medium in reaching out to people, Ramana Reddy, a painter, sculptor and a conceptual artist creates art, dealing with a variety of social issues and concerns. As a conceptual artist, he comes up with dissimilar mediums and varied artistic expressions. What is a notable feature in his art is the adoptability with whatever medium and subject he incorporates in his artistic practice. He exploits the conditions and the visual spaces using his creative abilities to simplify and materialise his complex ideas. Another aspect of his art is the experimentation. He makes an effort amalgamating contemporary technicality and technology only to universalize his visual idiom. By doing so he takes the onlooker into a realm of fluidity, where the conceptual and visual elements coherently create an unusual aesthetics. For him, art is a cultural production from which one can critique socio-political realities. In this context, Reddy’s disposition is posing questions and statements craving for transgressions, both in art and society. Thus he confounds with unpredictable representations.

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