Sajid Bin Amar

Sajid’s fondness for picture making gradually evolved over the years experimenting with various mediums that suited his temperament. His stylized pen and ink drawings reveal his mastery in graphic quality, from where his mode of representation has steadily developed. The art works display an array of visual vocabulary merging and submerging in the multilayered surfaces, which the artist builds up with heavy but soothing textures and with graffiti like imagery. The imagery comes from his encounter with small locales in the city and the busy streets of the old city. He cannot escape from life around him and its enormous influence on his psyche, where a constant contradiction compels him to see the neighboring world with a different eye. There is an attempt to show the humdrum reality, where people are engaged in acquisitive activities not realizing the ethicality and susceptibility of the life. The canvases and prints contain a variety of images ranging from advertisements, food, fashion and women. Each part of his montage like composition construes a different issue commenting and sensitizing his concerns. The portrayal of women in his camouflaged paintings is probably a critical comment on commercialization and naturalization of the commodified images of women that are commonly found naturalized in all kinds of advertisements.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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