Stanley Suresh

Creating art is not only a process of catharsis, but a pure expression of the artistic psyche for Stanley Suresh, an artist teacher with immense potential. An unknown mist of paint sets up a thin veil over the beautiful imagery, as the colours enhance overwrought empathies, the insights flow upon to the canvas registering the inexorable liaison between the protagonist and the creator. He deliberately employs a poetic rendering to his canvases using sensuous metaphors working and reworking with thin layers of translucent and opaque hues. The rhythm and the movement are predominant features of his art or in fact, the heart and breath of his vivacious compositions, as the mastery of colour application apparently makes him very special. His beautifully distorted female figures evoke a certain kind of lucidity, which evade a direct gaze of the spectator. The women are not any more fairies, but the gorgeous graces among the people whom he confronts. Equalizing his emotions and the strong inclination for aesthetics in nature, he recreates them in a lyrical mood, with his immense visual sensibilities juxtaposing with implied metaphoric imagery. The bright hues and gestural drawing go hand in hand, complementing each other and resulting into quasi-figurative abstractions.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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