Tailor Srinivas

Like many Telangana painters, Srinivas too focuses on rural life of Telangana and their mundane activities. Men and women are shown in recreation caring and bearing their domestic animals and birds. He builds up the voluminous compositions with a painterly effect without losing the drawing and the choice of the colour palette is what makes him a distinct artist. What intrigues the viewer in his paintings is the monochromatic lucidity, which emits luminosity, as if they are sitting under the morning sun, even though subtle tinted hues apparently show solid opacity. Srinivas depicts women in their local handloom costumes with wide borders, which are not necessarily embellished. They are simple, scantily decorated yet beautiful. Men are shown wearing turbans in the typical style of a distinct identity and the country made chappal (leather shoe), interpreting the Telangana way of life in his own personalized style. The ambience is characterized by its vitality, where roosters and birds share their place alongside the men and women. By doing so, he brings forth the philanthropic aspect of people, who live their undemanding life caring and sharing the neighbourhoods.

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