Y Shivarama Chary

Shivarama Chary is a young upcoming sculptor of immense talent and promise. Metal is his chief working medium as he adds up to his compositions, gradually developed by employing steel, scrap and other raw material while using techniques like oxidization, gold and silver coating etc. Shivarama Chary keenly observes the beautiful phenomenal world and the complexity of birth, decay and the journey thus dealing with spiritual and metaphysical subjects and the character/nature of medium/material that is exploited to cater to his aesthetics. The figures exemplify joy and ultimate bliss. Man, nature and nostalgic feelings pertaining to his childhood memories such as escaping from mundane world are the other aspects of his work. His recent monumental kinetic sculptures are made in stainless steel which certainly gives him scope to move on further. His visual language is mainly figurative although he dabbles with new media such as interactive video art in an effort to reach out to all types of people. Shivarama Chary believes in his roots and is inclined towards Indian philosophical concepts, trying to cohere it with the complex practice of conceptual art. He engages himself in understanding the fine nuances and distinctions about medium and the possibilities while exploiting the sensibilities of it.

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