Yasala Balaiah

Though Balaiah is now famous for depicting the Telangana women responding to the established genre, he received immense critical acclaim for his Batik painting style which earned him the nick name ‘Batik Balaiah’. Having been a great exponent of the exciting medium, he cleverly brings out the textures and the sense of this technique while treating his canvases and papers. Balaiah spent all his childhood and grew up in the exquisite picturesque locales of rural Siddipet in Telangana. The early exposure to nature, culture and its unpolluted, boundless beauty, however, had left a lasting impression that infused aesthetics deep into his insight. Hence, Balaiah’s strong inclination towards traditional mode of portraying native people is apparent in his vibrant art works that is occupied with large figures of Telangana men and women in their typical attire and their dark physiognomies. Though the artist has confined himself to the very trend, his representation brings forth the changing aspects of culture, where the figures, exposing to modernity, pose at the onlooker with a peculiar stance. The bold and elegant hues enhance the dark flesh tint and the stylish turbans from which one can make out how the artist celebrates his regional culture asserting community identity within the province.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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