Aekka Yadagiri Rao

Aekka Yadagiri is one of the very few sculptors, who deals with monumental stone sculptures. He perceives variety of aesthetic forms in the raw material and creates thoughtful art works imbibing Indian sensibilities. He painstakingly carves out giant blocks into monumental sculptural forms drawing cues from 20th century English sculpture. His mesmerizing assemblages with wooden blocks are reminiscents of Cubism as he works on a chunk of wood constructed with tiny parts of wooden pieces. Aekka’s ability in creating remarkable three-dimensional stupas and sculptures is clearly revealed as he masters diverse mediums such as granite stone, terracotta, metal sheet, wood, and bronze. One such monumental stupa, a vertical stone sculpture is erected at the Gun Park, Hyderabad in memory of the Telangana martyrs. Although he shows a strong inclination towards constructivism and abstraction, yet there is a sense of realism visible in his abstractions as the source is seized from Indian motifs. His yet another favourite medium is collage, where he collects digital prints that are incorporated with multi-layered imagery producing different of meanings.

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